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The Humble Hoof is a podcast for both horse owners and equine professionals, offering discussions into various philosophies on the health of the hoof and soundness of your horse.

Each episode we will explore either a topic in regards to the hoof, such as laminitis or navicular, or focus on an interview with a professional in the hoofcare world- whether it's a farrier, trimmer, vet, bodyworker, etc. 

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Sep 10, 2021

Jec Ballou, host of "Best Horse Practices" podcast and author of the "101 Exercises.." books, discusses potential clues that a horse in training might be struggling with sore feet. She discusses both behavioral issues and improper muscle development that might stem from hidden lameness. We also talk about exercises to...

Aug 27, 2021

Sara Hunt, PHCP member and hoofcare provider, talks about hoof boots and how to decide on the right boot for your horse. Also discussed is fitting issues with "wonky" feet, how to assess the best fit, and riding boots versus therapy boots. Stay tuned for another episode on tips and tricks with fitting hoof boots...

Aug 13, 2021

Dr. Sara Cook of Black Brook Veterinary Services talks about hoof injuries and acute lameness. In this discussion, she mentions when to call the vet and what can be dealt with at home by the owner. We also take a side track into laminitis, and what the owner can do when dealing with a laminitic horse. 

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Jul 23, 2021

Lacy Stormes talks about her journey into competing her performance horses barefoot in the professional showjumping world. She talks about management, considerations in trimming, and how she keeps her horses sound and moving well. 

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Jul 9, 2021

Bethan Summers talks about her journey into opening a rehab livery yard boarding facility, and how track systems have benefitted the horses that she has taken in. She also discusses the various kinds of cases she has seen rehabilitated with a track system lifestyle. 
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