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The Humble Hoof is a podcast for both horse owners and equine professionals, offering discussions into various philosophies on the health of the hoof and soundness of your horse.

Each episode we will explore either a topic in regards to the hoof, such as laminitis or navicular, or focus on an interview with a professional in the hoofcare world- whether it's a farrier, trimmer, vet, bodyworker, etc. 

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Oct 22, 2019

In this episode, Rood and Riddle resident farrier Stuart Muir delves into how to work together with veterinarians for the benefit of the horse. He discusses how hoofcare providers can forge relationships with local vets, work through differences in opinion, and work towards productive collaboration.

This episode also features segments from Dave Dawson (NEAEP CEO), Dr. Shawn Morrell (podiatrist, Rood and Riddle, Saratoga NY), Dr. Jennifer Melcher (DVM, Georgia), Dr. Ron Gaeta (DVM, Dunbarton Equine, Connecticut), Sam Zalesky (resident farrier, Rood and Riddle, Lexington KY), and Dr. Raul Bras (podiatrist, Rood and Riddle, Lexington, KY). 

To see more about opportunities in vet/farrier collaboration, visit , as well as the Georgia Professional Farriers Association on FB to see events with Dr. Melcher.